Machinery for sale




Machinery for sale Our goal is offer to our customers used machine tools & equipments with a high quality standards at lower cost than new ones.

Nowadays, the dynamic business ought to us for making a synergy between the market, providing to our customers to be suppliers eventually, offering their used machines for sale. So, UNIVERSAL USED MACHINERY, SL is able to purchase them directly, or trade with them whatever the cause is -company or production plant closure, restructuring, change of product range or bankruptcy-, we offer the most reasonable choice to the assets disposal. For that mission we have vast experience since years, joined with the same motivation than our starting operations, undertaking our job with responsibility and efficiency.

Machinery for sale We cooperate with renowned companies in Europe & USA where the machinery we offer is carefully selected, according to current market trends. Most of this machinery comes directly from the factories or through production plant liquidations.

At UNIVERSAL USED MACHINERY, SL our work does not finish until our customers are 100% satisfied.

We borrow a sentence from a well known American dealer from our sector said: "In business, the most important is reputation."

Machinery for sale

With an inventory where the quality is our goal, you can find the most suitable used machine-tools & equipment to your needs with immediate availability, in most cases.